Who We Are

PSiBAR Compressors

Reading Pneumatic Services Ltd has been supplying, installing and maintaining compressors and systems for over 23 years. If your operation depends on air, you need the right advice and the right equipment from the outset.

PSiBAR Compressors have been tested by Honda (petrol) engine manufacturers and have passed every engineering test. We are the ONLY Honda factory approved piston compressor manufacturers in the UK. We believe our compressors are the best available.

We are proud to hold the Alcumus Safe Workforce accreditation.

Independent Testing

Our Honda petrol compressors have been put through their paces by a senior engineer from Honda UK at our premises. Our compressors passed all tests with no recommendations for any engineering changes/modifications. We are the ONLY Honda-approved manufacturer of piston-type compressors in the UK.

This accreditation means that should any PSiBAR compressor ever suffer a Honda engine fault anywhere in the world [however unlikely], it will be recognised internationally and covered by the worldwide Honda warranty programme, as we are a Honda-approved compressor manufacturer.

Our Unique Approach

Our policy is to build the most durable and heavy duty machines possible, using the correct engine size for the job, and not the cheapest available. This means that our compressors pass every test for vibration, crankcase stress, temperature on-load and off-load and serveral ‘hot-soak’ starting tests. Our machines typically use a larger engine for the given air delivery than almost all of our competitors.

The PSiBAR range may not be the cheapest engine driven compressor available but we believe they are the best available. Our build cost is certainly higher than our competitors as we build them ‘up-to-a-quality’ and not ‘down-to-a-price’